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"Most of these are from Largo, I would like to share  some of the photos I've taken there over the years. The babies, Gaiea , Carlie, and Heather, are beautiful young women now. The Tortugas once were twins who looked similar and fought in the chess matches, many of the old street characters are now major acts doing the circuit, and as far as I'm concerned, Michael Marzella will always be the one and true King of Puddleton. I started going to BARF and taking pictures for a photography class...ran into some people from work, who happened to have something called "The Sword and the Stone"...and well...the rest is history....I became Haggie Maggie, their photographer, and chronicler...and I have lots and lots of pictures, so if there is something or someone you want to see...I MAY just have a photo somewhere....Enjoy.

More updates coming soon.....


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